Nolan’s InterCompany (IC) Postings for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Ideal for Related Companies that Transact with each other

With Nolan’s IC Postings for Dynamics GP, you can quickly & easily post transactions between different companies & accounts. You’ll never have to worry that an offsetting batch was deleted.

With its multi-currency, multi-company & multi-account type capabilities, Nolan’s IC Postings proves to be an effective tool for large organizations that want to create intercompany transactions in one single step while simultaneously updating multiple company databases.

Simplify your transaction process between your related companies.

Key Features

  • Includes full audit trail with superior drill-down capabilities
  • Enables postings between different companies, within the same company & remote companies
  • Initiate transactions from any GP module with the Trigger method
  • Specify destination accounts with the Alternate method
  • Transfer cash between GP Checkbook ID, across GP companies
  • Automatically post & void transactions between GP companies
  • Supports multiple currencies

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Nolan’s InterCompany (IC) Series for Microsoft Dynamics GP

About The Publisher

Nolan Business Solutions is an international solution provider who has helped thousands of companies solve their business problems by implementing leading mid-market business systems and custom developed software applications for over 30 years. With an ERP focus on NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics GP, Nolan Business Solutions' US Division offers add-on software solutions combined with consulting services so you can get the most out of your ERP software investment. Our well-known add-on solutions are designed to enhance the standard functionality of NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics GP, with specific expertise around cash management and reconciliation of high-volume cash transactions. Our professional services team has years of experience implementing ERP systems and can offer a wide range of services, from complete implementation of NetSuite to business process improvement projects. Although familiar with a variety of clients, our team has significant industry expertise around Healthcare and Medical Management organizations. Our North America based company boasts accredited accounting, programming and technology experts who are NetSuite or Microsoft Dynamics Certified and work in Dex, C, C++, c#, SQL, Java, and JavaScript. Whether the result is a complete NetSuite system or a GP/NetSuite add-on product, we will work with our customers to ensure they get maximum payback from their solution. We are headquartered in the UK, with a local office in the US and a remote presence in Canada and Australia. With over 2,500 customers worldwide, our solutions include: ● Advanced Bank Reconciliation for NetSuite/Microsoft Dynamics GP ● Statement Direct for NetSuite/Microsoft Dynamis GP ● Electronic Payments for NetSuite/ Microsoft Dynamics GP ● Intercompany Series for Microsoft Dynamics GP ● eRequest and Invoice Approvals for Microsoft Dynamics GP ● eInteract for NetSuite ● Consulting, Implementation, Training, Development and Support Services

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