Batch Posting Service Toolkit

Web Service Procedures to Retrieve Lists and Post Batches

Batch Posting Service Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics GP is a Dexterity integrated software tool that contains a series of service procedures which can be used to retrieve lists of batches and post individual batches within Microsoft Dynamics GP.

These procedures can be called via Service Based Architecture Web Services (for GP 2015 or later only), from Visual Studio development system using the Visual Basic or Visual C# languages, or from Dexterity using the sanScript language. Build 10 adds procedures for creating, reading, updating and deleting batches.

Batch Posting Service Toolkit supports the following batch types:

  • Financial: General Entry, Clearing Entry, Quick Entry, Budget Transactions
  • Sales: Receivables Transaction Entry, Cash Receipts Entry, Invoicing Entry, Sales Transaction Entry
  • Purchasing: Payables Transaction Entry, Manual Payment Entry, Receivings Entry, Invoice Matching Entry, Purchase Returns Entry
  • Inventory: Transaction Entry, Transfer Entry, Assembly Entry
  • Project Accounting: Timesheet Entry*, Employee Expense Entry, Equipment Log Entry, Misc. Log Entry, Inventory Transfer Entry, Billing Entry, Revenue Recognition Entry

* Timesheet Entry currently does not support posting through to payroll.

Batch Posting Service Toolkit Portal:

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