InterCompany AR for Cash Receipts provides a centralized cash receipt and apply process for sales documents created in different GP companies.

This barcoding tool syncs with your software solution to ensure 100% accuracy in picking, packing, and transferring inventory processes.

Journyx Project Time Tracking is a detailed software for businesses that need to easily and accurately track employee time and expenses for projects, billing, and accounting. Journyx enables organizations to streamline the collection and processing of timesheets, grow client billings, reduce payroll time, maintain legal compliance, and get a more...

Journyx PX is a robust enterprise resource management, allocation, and scheduling software solution that will supercharge your project cost accounting by estimating and tracking at the resource level. Get the project resource visibility and financial forecasting you need to make better business decisions. In addition to all the powerful functionality of Journyx...

Journyx offers flexible, cloud-based time clock hardware and software solutions for employee timekeeping and scheduling. Capture time for payroll the easy way—with flexible time collection methods including web, mobile, swipe, and biometric clock hardware. Journyx time and attendance software offers tons of standard features; robust, real-time reporting; integration with top...

EDI is often required to do business in today’s world. While implementing the many aspects of trading partner EDI requirements can seem daunting, the Lanham EDI solution provides a seamlessly simple way to meet trading partner specifications inside your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central system. PDF Links Lanham EDI Extension

Get on the Lanham EDI Value Added Network (VAN) and get peace of mind for your EDI solution. Lanham Associates and OpenText GXS have joined together to combine two robust, established technologies, giving you the most comprehensive Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central EDI compliance offering available today.


Auto-emails AR Statements with attached past-due invoices. Fully automated, no manual intervention required. Fully compatible with Modern Auth.


Liaison Messenger Direct Deposit (DD) is a one script version of Liaison Messenger EDD specifically used for distributing Direct Deposit statements to employees. All functionality in Liaison Messenger EDD is included (i.e., batch emailing, batch faxing, archiving, multi-printer routings, document encryption, etc.)


Using your existing reports and existing print procedures, Messenger EDD allows you to create unique scripts for your business forms and report distribution allowing for automated batch emailing and faxing, built-in archiving and distribution to customers, vendors, employees, warehouses, etc. all based on the data being processed and pre-determined rules...


Liaison Messenger EFT is a one script version of Liaison Messenger EDD specifically used for distributing EFT remittances to vendors. All functionality in Liaison Messenger EDD is included, i.e., batch emailing, batch faxing, archiving, multi-printer routing, document encryption, etc.

Customized Managed Transportation Solutions Whether you are in need of developing a carrier base or already have one, NGL Transportation Services offers a variety of transportation management programs all of which can be tailored to your needs.  Check Out Our Short Video All of our solutions include a needs analysis,...

Provides seamless, real-time, direct integration to online marketplaces such as Wayfair, Amazon, Houzz and others.

PayTrace provides B2B payment processing solutions that make it easier for businesses to collect payments from their customers.

Get the support you need with Ludia Consulting Field Service Support and Advisory Services; designed for organizations live on D365 Field Service.

Complete analysis and recommendations of D365 system infrastructure and services processes for your organization.

Establish a vision to plan, deploy, and manage world-class service experience, drive profitability, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Comprehensive suite of services including Discovery, Configuration, Implementation, and Consulting, tailored to meet your unique needs.

Determine where you are in your Physical Operations journey and determine what you need to advance to the next level.

With increased visibility, you can rapidly balance your inventory investment with the required target fill rate to meet demand. Netstock Predictor Inventory Advisor improves forecasting, enables item classification, and facilitates processes to optimize inventory planning. Reduce inventory levels between 10-25%: reducing working capital and improving cash flow Improve fill rate...

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