Adds deduction management to meet the chargeback acceptance & processing requirements of major retailers, federal agencies, and automotive industries.

Adds functionality for manifest entry and container tracking, providing you all the tools to track the purchase and receipt of inventory items.

With Cavallo Credit Card Processing for Business Central, payments are convenient, simple, and fast.


Enhance Your Dynamics GP Analytical Accounting Module! AA Tools were designed to help maximize your investment in Microsoft Dynamics™ GP by facilitating the setup and ongoing maintenance of GP Analytical Accounting. Developed using our expertise in Dynamics GP and years of successful Analytical Accounting consulting and implementations. AA Tools offers...


CRG Changer™ allows you to change, merge and combine your codes and data, ensuring your business management system operates at optimum efficiency. CRG Changer easily changes and merges general ledger accounts, vendor IDs, item numbers and customer numbers. Payroll Employee IDs, as well as project numbers and contract numbers in...


Many organizations setup multiple companies within Microsoft Dynamics GP for various reasons. Over time, business requirements change and there is a need to consolidate the companies into a single company to make accounting activities more efficient. Prior to the introduction of Company Combiner, organizations had to re-implement Microsoft Dynamics GP,...


CRG Re-Formatter™ is the only tool currently available to help companies quickly & easily modify the account framework of Microsoft Dynamics GP™. Re-Formatter seamlessly reformats the Account Framework instantaneously altering the format of all data. Learn more and start your free trial at:


Leverage CRM to unite your sales prospecting processes with your order management solution.

Let our developers assist with: Dexterity Customizations, Custom Conditional Field Level Security Scripts, Custom SQL SmartFill Objects

Cavallo Customer Management is a complete distribution CRM software solution for Business Central, designed to grow with your business.

Cycle Count Scheduler by Insight Works revolutionizes inventory management for Dynamics 365 Business Central users. The app auto-generates schedules based on item velocity, location, type, and counting frequency. Alongside Advanced Inventory Count, it simplifies counts, enhances reporting, and aids in meeting compliance. With customization and automatic distribution of counts, it...

deFacto Power Planning is a complete Financial and Operational Planning Platform that supports an unlimited range of planning solutions, built into Excel and Power BI.

Lanham’s Demand Planning optimizes your largest and most costly asset -- inventory. Reducing inventory carrying costs and increasing margins can have a greater effect on the bottom line than increased sales. By doing both you will significantly increase profitability. PDF Links Demand Planning Extension

Forecasts can and do change unexpectedly. Which is why  the Absolute Value Demand Planning solution has built in “dynamic controls.” These controls can change dynamically what should be ordered, based on current factors in the supply chain. The system continuously reviews all pertinent factors, and every morning (or upon demand), optimized suggested orders...

DocXtender from Insight Works is a free utility that enables users to attach documents to any page in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with a simple drag and drop. DocXtender works with any page in Dynamics 365 Business Central that supports attachments. With DocXtender, you’ll easily associate customer POs to...

Streamline tedious and error-prone shipping tasks by seamlessly integrating Dynamic Ship: Integrated Shipping with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Shop floor employees will reduce manual entry errors by scanning packages directly into Dynamics 365 Business Central. You will realize money and time savings by working directly with multiple carriers. Savings...

We implement and support Dynamics 365 Finance for commercial and government clients. Rely on our experienced team and 24/7 U.S.-based support center.

Toolbox is packed with a ton of functionality designed to save you time and money, while optimizing, streamlining, and improving your GP experience.

Dynamics TMS® is a software solution with affordable and flexible SaaS cloud, hybrid or on-premise hosted licensing options.

Dynamics TMS® is an enterprise level advanced transportation management software solution with affordable and flexible SaaS cloud, hybrid or on-premise hosted licensing options. The software incorporates the latest industry collaboration technologies and best practices for Microsoft Dynamics and Legacy ERPs. Dynamics TMS® for Dynamics and Legacy ERP = Lower Costs +...

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