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StockIQ® produces comprehensive forecasting and replenishment planning software that addresses the complex challenges faced by Distributors, and Manufacturers. The Intelligent Supply Chain Planning Suite has been designed by practitioners to meet the needs of an underserved mid-market. It competes with tier-1 applications through a broad range of features and functionality that enable its users to improve service levels while reducing inventory costs, thus leading to a quick and easily justifiable return on investment. Intelligent Supply Chain Planning goes well beyond the capabilities of typical forecasting software. It provides applications that assist with economic decision making, long term replenishment planning, and purchase order execution. Therefore, buyers become more productive while increasing fiscal stewardship. Furthermore, it enables additional productivity through supplier performance tracking and alerts that allow for management by exception.



StockIQ is an intelligent supply chain planning software solution for Forecasting, Demand Management, Replenishment Planning, Supplier Planning, Promotion Planning, Inventory and Capacity Planning. The StockIQ software is tailored to the distribution and manufacturing industries. The insight and reporting provided accelerates the Sales & Operations Planning processes (S&OP) and ensure timely...

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