Netstock is a leader in inventory management and has earned the trust of over 2,200 global customers. Integrating into leading ERP platforms, Netstock empowers small-to-medium businesses to place orders quicker, reduce stock-outs, minimize excess inventory and optimize capacity planning. Delivering immediate ROI, Netstock provides customers with the visibility to free up working capital, adapt to changes, and deliver outstanding customer service. For more information, visit


With increased visibility, you can rapidly balance your inventory investment with the required target fill rate to meet demand. Netstock Predictor Inventory Advisor improves forecasting, enables item classification, and facilitates processes to optimize inventory planning. Reduce inventory levels between 10-25%: reducing working capital and improving cash flow Improve fill rate...

Features Modules for demand, supply, and capacity to facilitate S&OP reporting Expert method statistical forecasting  View in any unit of measure required, including but not limited to cost, cubic meter, revenue, pallets, cost. Changes are instantly aggregated and prorated. Through selected hierarchies based on flexible  attributes such as product/customer/channel, etc...

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