deFacto Global, Inc.

deFacto Global enables organizations to achieve superior business performance by seamlessly putting the power of analytics-based decision making and planning into the hands of every decision maker.


Provides visibility into account balances, transaction activities, and automates workflows for account reconciliation and error detection.

Forecast the effect of decisions on cash flow and create actionable plans to ensure cash flow stays healthy.

deFacto Power Planning is a complete Financial and Operational Planning Platform that supports an unlimited range of planning solutions, built into Excel and Power BI.

All-in-one budgeting and forecasting solutions that allow businesses to optimize their financial performance.

Simplifies the consolidation and closing process, from initial data integration to final reporting.

Comprehensive workforce analysis, reporting and planning. Manage new hires, transfers and promotions effortlessly.

Provides retailers with a comprehensive end-to-end platform to manage, streamline, and optimize their entire retail operations.

Optimize the demand and supply of products and services and provides an integrated view of operations, sales, and financials.

Supports strategic decision-making based on relevant financial and operational data.

Provides a comprehensive view of the supply chain, track shipments, optimize inventory levels, and manage order fulfilment.