Absolute Value

Absolute Value® has roots in the distribution software industry that are extensive, with specific strength in forecasting and replenishment. Comprised of both end-user and software vendor experience, the Absolute Value team bridges a dual perspective on the complex needs of today’s distributors. This blend of in-depth experience with state-of-the-art technology and application solutions provides clients with a unique pathway to success. The Absolute Value team gained this key experience as it evolved from Lanham Associates, a Microsoft Gold-Certified ISV (Independent Software Vendor). Lanham Associates pioneered the development of supply chain software to extend ERP systems for the distribution industry, when it created the first distribution functionality for a Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution in 1997. Recognizing the widespread problems distributors face when trying to anticipate their customers’ needs, and purchase just the right amount of inventory, Absolute Value was created to provide inventory management SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions across a range of ERP systems.


Forecasts can and do change unexpectedly. Which is why  the Absolute Value Demand Planning solution has built in “dynamic controls.” These controls can change dynamically what should be ordered, based on current factors in the supply chain. The system continuously reviews all pertinent factors, and every morning (or upon demand), optimized suggested orders...