Happy with Dynamics GP? Optimize Your Investment with Nolan’s Advanced Functionality

If you’re a loyal Dynamics GP user who has no plans on moving ERP systems, optimize your investment with Nolan’s Advanced Functionality. Extend the power of your GP system and streamline accounting tasks such as Bank Reconciliation, Electronic Payments, and Intercompany Accounting. Our simple and easy to install add-ons can turn tedious and time-consuming tasks into a few simple steps, vastly reducing the time it takes to complete them.

Bank Reconciliation processes are automated with electronic import of bank statements, auto-matching of transactions and auto-posting of recurring transactions.

Electronic payment of vendors and employees eliminates manual steps associated with the printing of checks while providing support for international payments, including the ISO 20022 PAIN.001.001.03 XML file format required for European SEPA payments.

Intercompany accounting process improvements include automatic post-through, flexible posting methods across all modules, complete audit trail and support for intercompany cash transfers and inventory movements.

Advanced Bank Reconciliation automates the bank reconciliation process for the accounting department. Key features include:

  • Automatic download of bank statements using Nolan Bank Feeds
  • Direct Reconciliation to your GL, eliminating GP’s 3-way reconciliation process
  • Smart matching rules based on several matching criteria
  • Automated Deposit Groups and Amount Tolerance
  • Auto-create and post recurring bank transactions
  • Reconcile merchant gateways and credit cards, along with your bank accounts
  • Enhanced inquiry and reporting with SmartList views

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Electronic Payments enables businesses to define file formats required by their banking software, and to create output files containing the instructions to pay their vendors and employees directly from the Dynamics GP system. User definable formats and custom fields allow companies to specify an unlimited number of export definitions based on their bank’s file specifications.

Electronic Payments for Microsoft Dynamics GP is easy to use and is one of the simplest ways to optimize your GP investment. Key features include:

  • Supports unlimited user definable export file formats and custom fields
  • Full audit trail enables you to track who has been paid and when
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP purchasing series
  • Support for ISO 20022 PAIN.001.001.03 XML for SEPA compliance
  • Supports multicurrency

Nolan’s Intercompany Series simplifies the posting of intercompany transactions between multiple companies or related entities. It reduces errors by automatically carrying through intercompany transactions where needed and offers superior drill-down capabilities for a more complete audit trail of those types of transactions. The Series consists of 3 modules:

  • Intercompany Postings automates the posting of journals across multiple GP databases. Varying posting methods allows intercompany postings across all GP subledgers, with enhanced drill down capabilities. Combined with Advanced Bank Reconciliation, posting of intercompany cash transfers can be fully automated.
  • AR for Cash Receipts provides a centralized cash receipt and apply process for sales documents created in different Dynamics GP companies. Ideal for a multi-company environment, where customer payments are made to a central (head office) company.
  • Intercompany POP to SOP facilitates movement of inventory between Dynamics GP databases by providing an automated loop that keeps purchase orders, sales orders, receipts, and payments in balance between related entities. It eliminates the risk of errors associated with manual duplicate entries in multiple databases.

Nolan is committed to the advanced capabilities we have built into Dynamics GP. To learn more about them, please visit our website.

About Nolan Business Solutions

Nolan Business Solutions boasts over 35 years of experience in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. With a skilled team of accountants and IT professionals, the company offers invaluable insight into financial processes best practices. Their expertise allows them to personalize Microsoft Dynamics user experience by adapting the software to meet unique and complex business requirements. Additionally, Nolan Business Solutions provides AppSource Apps to enhance the functionality and efficiency of Microsoft Dynamics, ensuring that businesses can optimize their operations effectively. Trust in their decades of experience to streamline your financial processes and elevate your business to new heights. Hear directly from our Executive team what makes us more than just a tech team!

Written by: Nolan Business Solutions