Handle Accounts Receivable Tasks with Liaison Collector

By Published On: June 4, 2024Categories: Uncategorized

Liaison Collector is an automated Collections Manager designed to handle accounts receivable (AR) tasks effortlessly. It sends AR statements automatically to customers as soon as they become past due, without needing any manual input.

Here’s how it works. You can set up Liaison Collector to run an “aging” process daily or nightly. This process identifies overdue clients based on specific criteria, such as how many days overdue they are. Once identified, Liaison Collector automatically sends these customers their AR statements via email or fax.

But there’s more to it. Liaison Collector continues sending updated AR statements to customers regularly until they settle their balance. This ongoing follow-up ensures customers stay informed about their overdue balances without needing constant, manual attention from AR staff.

And the best part? Liaison Collector runs entirely unattended. Once installed, you simply set the intervals for when you want it to run, and it handles your aged receivables on its own.

For any AR employee, Liaison Collector is a valuable ally. Sometimes, all a customer needs is a gentle reminder to pay their overdue balance. Liaison Collector provides that reminder in a passive yet persistent manner, improving collections efficiency without adding extra workload.

If you have a moment, we invite you to watch our Liaison Collector video to see how we do it


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