Cycle Count Scheduler: A New Business Central App

By Published On: August 14, 2023Categories: Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC

Insight Works Cycle Count Scheduler

Grasping the Significance of Cycle Count Scheduler

Insight Works introduces Cycle Count Scheduler, an innovative addition to Microsoft Business Central. This new app optimizes inventory management with automated cycle counting schedules, offering unprecedented efficiency and accuracy.

In inventory administration, the importance of cycle counting is second to none. It involves consistent and methodical inventory tallying during routine operations—preventing the need for a yearly comprehensive inventory assessment. Cycle counting encompasses counting a segment of inventory instead of the entire stock on predetermined days. This continuous practice ensures precise real-time data and upholds a current overview of inventory availability.

The forward-looking strategy of inventory control comes with various benefits:

  • It enables the preservation of exact inventory records, giving a real-time outlook of available stock and its position. This data is essential for warehouse operational efficiency and the broader supply chain.
  • Cycle counting mitigates inventory inconsistencies which can lead to order deferrals or cancellations—adversely affecting customer satisfaction.
  • Accurate cycle counts aid in fine-tuning order volumes, cutting holding expenses, and avoiding inventory shortages or surplus situations.

Identifying the Traditional Hurdles of Cycle Counts

Even though cycle counts offer these noteworthy advantages, establishing a cycle count system necessitates investment in time and resources. Here are some common hindrances encountered by businesses:

  • Time consumption: Performing cycle counts can be a long process. Manually tallying items, particularly in an extensive warehouse with a broad product range, can consume significant time and resources—potentially hindering daily operations.
  • Errors: Manual cycle counts are prone to human mistakes. Miscounts, data entry inaccuracies, or erroneous item identification can result in skewed inventory records—ultimately affecting order dispatch and customer satisfaction.
  • Resource allocation: Manual cycle counts demand committed personnel. This resource commitment can often detract from other vital warehouse operations. The challenge is further amplified for businesses with a large or varied inventory and with higher personnel requirements.

Unveiling the Cycle Count Scheduler for Business Central

Insight Works, a distinguished independent software vendor (ISV) recognized for operational efficiency solutions, introduces the Cycle Count Scheduler—an innovative application tailored for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The Cycle Count Scheduler aims to transform inventory management by automating the cycle count process.

The Cycle Count Scheduler employs cutting-edge technology to create cycle count schedules considering factors such as item velocity, location, type, and frequency—adding a new level of accuracy and effectiveness to the cycle count process. This app is complimentary for subscribers of Advanced Inventory Count, another robust solution from the Insight Works application suite.

Addressing Traditional Cycle Counting Challenges with the Cycle Count Scheduler

The Cycle Count Scheduler offers an ingenious resolution to the issues traditionally linked with manual cycle counts:

  • Boosted efficiency: The app’s core function is automated scheduling. Constructing cycle count schedules based on parameters such as item velocity, location, type, and frequency minimizes the time and resources needed for cycle counting. This automation allows workers to concentrate on other crucial warehouse operations.
  • Enhanced accuracy: The Cycle Count Scheduler mitigates the possibility of human error by utilizing automation in counting and data entry. This feature notably improves the accuracy of inventory records, leading to more effective order processing and boosting customer satisfaction.
  • Amplified flexibility: The Cycle Count Scheduler enables businesses to carry out cycle counts using mobile computers, which is ideal for those equipped with this hardware. Alternatively, paper-based counts can also be implemented for companies that favor or necessitate traditional methods. This versatility makes the Cycle Count Scheduler apt for various business environments and operational requirements.

Implementing Cycle Count Scheduler

Getting on board with the Cycle Count Scheduler is straightforward. Businesses need to first subscribe to Insight Works’ Advanced Inventory Count. This solution streamlines the inventory and cycle count processes by providing comprehensive data entry, reconciliation, posting, and analysis tools. Subscribers can then utilize the Cycle Count Scheduler app—augmenting their ability to execute efficient and precise cycle counts.

Insight Works offers various resources and support for businesses shifting to the Cycle Count Scheduler. Those new to the application can acquire more information by contacting their Microsoft Partner or by visiting the Insight Works websites at and

Introducing the Cycle Count Scheduler for Business Central is pivotal for businesses aiming to enhance inventory management. Tackling traditional challenges associated with cycle counting promises improved efficiency, precision, and adaptability in inventory management. Furthermore, it combines powerfully with Advanced Inventory Count, providing businesses a comprehensive solution to effectively govern their inventory and make informed, data-driven decisions.

Written by:  Insight Works